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This wiki was originally for organising AFFSAC in 2003 but is now a general todo list. It is not the official line of AFFS at all. For that go to [the AFFS site].

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Work Programme

All meetings are at 14:00 unless otherwise stated. Names in brackets are the expected presenter and alternate. Presenter is usually the person doing the task or asking about it. Alternate is usually the person asking or someone checking it's done. This view is MJR's, who has no formal role doing this but needs to plan his work: if this view is not reality, tell him or fix it.


  1. Newsletter
  2. [ComputerMisuseAct] - see also http://www.apig.org.uk/current_work_programme.htm
  3. Constitution

Unprogrammed Items

  1. [Oct 2004 Minutes] approval (BG, RS)
  2. Newsletter (AH, ??)
  4. Web site fixes (??)
  5. Mailmanager evaluation report (MJR, ??)

Other Projects

Donors Page

  1. Transfer RFC outcome to page - DONE
  2. Check accounts for donors - DONE
  3. Ensure all have been asked for permission - DONE
  4. Add them to the page as agreed - DONE
  5. Link the page in - DONE

Hack meetings

Committee IRC meetings

Related Links

Everything below this line is out of date? Move and merge.

What needs to be done?

Any exec

  1. Newsletter
  2. Compile speaker list
  3. Offer talks to compsocs and LUGs
  4. Contact simon space.to about Education IG (was this done?)


  1. [Document membership handling]
  2. Seek advice on incorporation

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