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This is a staging area for "Bits From debian-legal" posts that MJR has offered.

The header should be "Bits from debian-legal between ....-..-.. and ....-..-.." and the first line a link to the earliest post in range on the date index.

The first section should be rigid forms of "subject, rough number, started date if in range, last post date, newline, link to thread index" of the most active threads. The threshold number of posts should be set to get as many as possible, but at most 7 threads. The threshold should be mentioned in the section intro.

The "Bits author picks" section is "author's description, newline, link to message". Try to pick up to 3, and max 5.

I counted posts for Aug 2 to Aug 8 helped by: wget -O- | sed -n -e '/Aug? 02/,/Aug? 09/{;s/^.*<a [^>]*>//;s/Re?: //g;s/<\/a.*$//;p;}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n # pardon linewrap

Bits from debian-legal between 2023-08-02 and 2023-08-08

Threads with more than 4 posts:

Please pass judgement on X-Oz licences, over 40 posts, last post 8 Aug

RPSL and DFSG-compliance - choice of venue, over 10 posts, last post 8 Aug

Other "RPSL and DFSG-compliance" threads, 12 posts, last post 8 Aug

periodic summaries, 6 posts, started 7 Aug, last post 8 Aug

Web application licenses, under 10 posts, last post 5 Aug

Acceptable copyright, under 10 posts, started 3 Aug, last post 8 Aug

Free non-software stuff, around 10 posts, last post 3 Aug

Bits author picks:

evan offers to summarise W3 software license

Tail of a htdig licensing thread

Mozilla relicensing progress

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