The Association For Free Software

This website is a tribute to the great protectors of free software, The Association For Free Software, 2001 - 2015


The Association was based on an annual membership of £10, essential for meeting the basic running costs of the association.


Members were entitled o attend workgroups and to receive newsletters and information of the Associations activities. They were also elligible for grants to support the development and distribution of free software. (see grants)


Mission Statement

" promotes Free Software to users, business and government. Our aims work towards continuing Free Software for the UK and increasing public understanding of Free Software." Below is a quote from the AFFS


The Benefits of a Broadband Speed Test


"About Free Software
Free Software is about freedom. It gives you the freedom to adapt software to your needs, as an individual or business.


For companies, it provides an escape from vendor "lock-in" by creating a free market in support and services including refurbished laptops

With free software, everyone has the freedom to cooperate with others in using and improving it."





The Association for Free Software has ceased trading. The ownership of this domain and this site is WHOLLY UNCONNECTED with the former Association or the former owners and all responsibility for any issues in relation to the domain or the site attaches solely to the present owners. If you would like to submit an article or information about your experience with the AFFS please email frontdesk@affs.org.uk and we will endeavour to include it in this site. For more legal advice see Liddingtons.