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Research what is OK and what isn't

Can people just start saying "service x works" or "service y requires z"?

  1. Smile personal banking works with Konq & Mozilla

Research who to target in the Co-Op and how we should do it

I have the details of their computer banking team somewhere, but I think other people do too. Are we interested in general customer service stuff too, or do they not email?

I think it depends on what correspondance we've had before, and what the results were. It'd make sense to just contact the customer service staff and the banking team together first to see what they say. Then we can figure out what to do...

Develop a strategy and timetable and start working on it

Something else that anyone can do is to contribute to the Co-op Bank, Smile and CIS new Ethical Policy consultation at http://www.smile.co.uk/ethics/question1.html (Chris Lale)

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