Olympia's Back

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Well, this sort-of worked. I chatted with some interesting people, got some interesting things and had quite a good time. There weren't enough tables, few people brought computers and hackers seem to sit and stay sat in the same place without much provocation, so not as much mixing happened as I'd like.

The venue was fine, but the map could be better. Maybe I'll do this again, or try to make it into some sort of LUG meeting.

MJR has foolishly hired a hall off Kensington High Street for an hour on Tuesday 20 April. It's behind Olympia, so the meeting is called "Olympia's Back". Exact location isn't known yet, so maps will be printed on the morning (ho ho fun) and left on AFFS (and maybe Debian?) stands on the day. Otherwise, call MJR and ask. Doors 1520 for 1530 start.

The aim is for me to get some free software hackers together (especially those not in the show's .org village), learn more about recent developments and offer the opportunity for other users to do the same.

Current plan is to set up tables in a U-shape, sit people with things needing hacking between some empty chairs, then invite other hackers to browse, sit down and start questioning them and hacking.

Known guests and tasks

This is just people who have confirmed that I can publish their details.


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