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Do you know of any free software licences designed or audited for the law of one of the UK countries?

The Vita Nuova Liberal Source Licence may be a free software licence designed for the UK. I would appreciate help checking it.

The licence of would be a free software licence if one term (forced disclosure upstream) was fixed. See

There's a creative commons UK localisation project: One of a number of localisations, the aim is to audit CC licenses for the UK (and shake out any US-specifics from the original licenses), and there's some heavyweight legal minds involved. Apparently, no CC licences are free software licences

The [EU DataGrid Licence] is listed by OSI, but seems likely to be non-UK.

Reportedly, there are few material differences between the copyright law in England and Wales and other UK parts. (Space Bunny post to fsfe-uk and private emails.)

Background References Related Matters

CDPA 1988 as amended

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Goetz, C. and Scott, R. The Limits of Expanded Choice: An Analysis of the Interactions Between Express and Implied Contract Terms, 73 Calif. L. Rev. 261.

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