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Prices for 6 people meeting:

BCS - asked for a member to contact them

List on community site: now about 100 pounds per day inc, not sure whether part-sessions are possible. PLI requirement. is 13/hr or 52.50/half-day but PLI needed???

[Living Space Waterloo] asked. Word doc (will wait until OO running) but looks like 10/hr - damn, that's for a room described as 4-person is 75/half-day (near Barbican) is 8/hr is 10/hr but max 5 people and 150/half-day for next size POA something between 9 and 17 /hr ex vat is from 70/day is from 55/half day - not available 23 March now. is 10/hr (Archway Road, Highgate) * is 50/day *


City of London: forget it. The council info is a pig to use and everywhere I've seen has an extra 0 on the end.

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Last edited February 28, 2024 11:24 pm