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Register for the AFFS Annual Conference

If you are coming to the AFFS Annual Conference (AFFSAC), we do ask that you register. This is an all-ticket event and you may not be allowed entry unless you have been issued a ticket number! You can register for a ticket simply by filling in the form below.

Ticket allocation

Tickets will be allocated to give members priority:

  • Members who joined before 24 April 2023 have will be issued ticket numbers as soon as possible after they register;
  • If you are not a member, please fill out this form and enter X in the membership number box. Non-members will be issued tickets on a first-come-first-served (FIFO) manner from 6 May 2003. Tickets are conditional on paying the subscription before the meeting (only cash or cheque on the day: no cards or electronic transfers because of some non-payers last year).
  • Non-members who wish to give a talk will be issued tickets when their talk is accepted. Please email with a short summary of your talk and the length of time required. You may still register for a ticket here if you want.
AFFS Annual Conference Registration

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