The Association for Free Software

What members can do

If you're interested in getting involved with AFFS activities take a look at our workgroup pages and Task List.

If you know other people who might be interested in joining AFFS you can print out and distribute our first membership leaflet,

Upcoming Events

Events where AFFS will be promoting free software are listed in the AFFS diary.

Where can I discuss AFFS activities?

Mailing Lists

  • affs-project: participate in the discussion of AFFS activities. This includes meetings, Expos, but also anything else which is something AFFS would "do".
  • fsfe-uk: general Free Software discussion list in the UK, hosted by the FSF-Europe. This is not an official AFFS list, but many members talk about general issues on this list.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

We have an IRC (chat) channel on (the UK node is, and the channel name to /join is #affs. There are always a couple of people in the channel at least, and we're very friendly!

The Association For Free Software