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Discussion on FREEDUC at AFFSAC2003
A discussion at AFFSAC

Member subscription fees are essential for meeting the basic running costs of the association and we depend on the generosity of sponsors for, but we also welcome donations of your time and effort. We need people to work on a number of hot topics for free software in the UK.

If you are a paid-up AFFS member, we invite you to submit any ideas for new workgroups to the committee via the webmaster address below. We will support them with server resources, advice, press releases, newsletter space, adverts, organising donations and other help.

Currently, we have people working on free software on the following topics. Please help them if you can.

  • Education, including continuing professional development
  • Government, including information efforts and copyright legislation campaigning
  • Patents, working as part of a Europe-wide campaign against software patents

Why isn't there a workgroup on...?

We don't have infinite numbers of volunteers to coordinate the workgroups. If you want a workgroup on another topic, please contact us at

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