The Association for Free Software

AFFS Annual Conference

The annual 1-day conference and Annual General Meeting for 2005 took place on SAT 13th AUGUST 2005.


	Seminar Room 2
	The Resource Centre
	356 Holloway Road
	London N7 6PA (Multimap, Google Maps)

Admission: Open to all. Free to AFFS members--all others, admission is 10 pounds (includes buffet lunch).

Final Schedule:

Time Title and Abstract
10am Registration opens.
10:30-11:30 Software Patents: The Road Ahead

Ciaran O'Riordan (FSF Europe)

The work of FSFE in Brussels

11:45-12:30 The Open Source Consortium

Mark Taylor (OSC - Executive Director)

12:30-1:30pm Lunch break (buffet provided)

Keysigning and stands

1:30pm-2pm Automating Debian Installation

Phil Hands (Debian-UK)

2pm - 2:45pm Introduction to Gentoo

Tim Yamin (Lead Developer - Gentoo Release Engineering Team)

3pm-3:30pm Novell's Groupware Server Project: Hula

Alex Hudson (Stratagia / AFFS)

3:30pm-4pm Break
4pm - 5pm AGM and ballot results

AFFS Executive

Stands (in exhibition area)
All day Debian UK, Gentoo UK, FSFE, FFII-UK, ... more to come

A great opportunity for GPG keysigning with Debian and Gentoo developers


Bring photo-id (drivers license, passport) and printed copies of your key fingerprint:
$ gpg --fingerprint <your email address or key id>
Check the photo-id of other people against the name on the key and get copies of their key fingerprints for reference. Give people a printed copy of your key fingerprint when they check your photo-id.

After the conference, sign the keys of the people whose identity and key fingerprints you verified:

$ gpg --recv-keys KEY_ID       # fetch from keyservers
$ gpg --fingerprint KEY_ID     # check the fingerprint
# only proceed if the fingerprint matches the one you saw!
$ gpg --sign-key KEY_ID        # sign the key
$ gpg --send-key KEY_ID        # send back to keyserver
Make sure your key is on the public keyservers so that other people can sign it too:
$ gpg --send-key <your email address or key id>
More information can be found in the GPG Keysigning HOWTO.
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