The Association for Free Software

Donations Policy

Our policy on donations and sponsorship was created through discussions with our supporters between October 2003 and February 2004.

  • AFFS items should not be sponsored.
  • AFFS must invite donations.
  • Donors must be listed alphabetically on the current donor listing page on the AFFS site for 1 year unless they choose to be anonymous. The amount may be listed if the donor wishes. The total amount donated and a total of anonymous donations must be given at the end of the listing.
  • AFFS promotional materials should include the donor listing URL.
  • Sponsorship of items by AFFS may be undertaken when the item furthers the aims of AFFS.
  • Sponsor messages must be approved by the executive committee.

Notes: "must" indicates an obligation; "should" indicates an intention, but there is no liability or penality for not acting as described. Please direct comments about this policy to the treasurer.

The Association For Free Software