The Association for Free Software


Thanks to the following individuals and organisations for financial donations or donated services during the past year:

  • T Baldwin
  • Chris Croughton
  • Cyber Ware Ltd (see below)
  • M J de Jong Derrington
  • Alex Greg
  • M Goblot
  • J Grant
  • A Leeming
  • Roger Leigh
  • Ray Miller
  • Alexander Moore
  • Kirsten Naylor
  • The Positive Internet Company Ltd (see below)
  • S Perkins
  • R Preston
  • John Seago
  • E Valentine
  • D Walters
  • Members of the AFFS committee
  • Other donations: £10
Total money donated in year to 17 May 2005: £840.82

We are especially grateful for the generosity of the following organisations providing donations in kind:

Positive Internet for providing us with a dedicated server and bandwidth. Positive Internet have been wonderful enough to step in to offer us our own home, on one of their Dolphin servers. The Dolphin is a very nice piece of kit, running Debian GNU/Linux as standard, and provides us with a great base for our online projects. Many thanks to Positive for what is an extremely generous gift!

Cyberware provides DNS services to AFFS for the domain. Thanks to Andy Fletcher of Cyberware, who was at the original meeting in Birmingham where AFFS was discussed.

If you want to make a donation to support our work, please use the online service. Email if you want the amount published or if you want to remain anonymous. If you are a private individual, you could consider membership, if you are not already a member.

The Association For Free Software