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AFFS Newsletter July 2004

Welcome to the AFFS newsletter. Topics covered this issue are:-

  1. Training day
  2. AFFSAC presentations
  3. Online payments

AFFS, UKCDR & FFII campaign training day

From: Adam Bower

AFFS is having a campaign training day alongside UKCDR and FFII courtesy of Tom Chance and Seeds for Change. We have at least 5 spaces to offer to AFFS members who wish to attend. The training day will cover basic grassroots campaigning theory in the morning and some workshops in the afternoon with practical discussions between the 3 groups to see where they can help each other's campaigns.

TIME & PLACE: July 17th, 10.30am - 5pm in at the RISC in Reading town centre.

Please note that AFFS is paying towards the cost of this training so we really want to make sure that people who do book a place are able to attend. We also intend to have people on stand-by to attend if the event is booked out and somebody finds that they will no longer be able to attend their place. Food will be available to buy on-site as we will not be able to cover the cost of meals or transport.

This should be a fantastic event for those who can make it. Book early to avoid disappointment!

AFFSAC presentations online

MJ Ray

You can now find all links to presentations and people from AFFSAC 2004 that I have been given on the web site - please pass this info on as you see fit.

I would like to thank Kevin Donnelly, Chris Croughton, Roger Leigh, all the speakers (listed on the page above), the 2003-4 committee (Marc Eberhard, Alex Hudson, Adam Bower, Richard Smedley, Ian Lynch) and the attendees at the conference who participated so readily. All helped to make this conference work once again.

Please send offers of help with AFFSAC 2005 to us.

Online payments

From: MJ Ray

Members can now pay their annual membership fee or donate with UK credit or debit cards. There is a small transaction charge which is about 48p on a 10 pounds membership fee, so we suggest adding that if you pay your membership fee online. Details are in renewal reminders.

To donate, use this link and you should get a thank-you email soon after. Donors are listed on on the donors page unless they ask otherwise.

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