Because AFFS is an organisation that relies on its members for funding, we don't usually have the money from that to do everything that we would like to do. We also rely on the generosity of sponsors from time to time to make available resources that we can use to further the goals of the organisation.

Online presence

AFFS previously was lodging in some space kindly provided to us by Phil Hands, on one of the servers used for the Debian project. However, Positive Internet have been wonderful enough to step in to offer us our own home, on one of their Dolphin servers. The Dolphin is a very nice piece of kit, running Debian GNU/Linux as standard, which makes it more than adequate for our current web & e-mail needs, and provides us with a great base for future online projects. Many thanks to Positive for what is an extremely generous gift.

AFFS has its DNS wants and needs provided to us by Andy Fletcher at Cyberware, who was at the original meeting in Birmingham where AFFS was discussed.

The Association For Free Software