The Association for Free Software

AFFS Grants

AFFS has a programme of grants to authors of Free Software and those taking part in related projects. These grants can be for varied amounts - we would expect most grants to be hundreds of pounds, but they could be less or more than that.

We prefer projects that have a UK focus or would benefit UK Free Software users/developers. We also prefer projects that have the capacity to attract further funding; especially where matched funding might be available.

Application is simple; just write a short overview of who you are/who your group is, what the project is, and why you need funding. Funding can be made available for a range of different purposes: perhaps you need to buy a technical specification, or a piece of hardware. Whatever it is, we will consider it - you just need to show us how funding your project will improve the Free Software world.

Please ensure your application covers at least:

  • Your contact details: you are our point of contact for this application, so make sure you include up-to-date details. A minimum we would expect is your name, your role in the project, and an e-mail address or phone number;
  • Description of the project in general: does the project already exist? What is it's purpose? What have you produced so far? Useful links - for example, to a website - for background reading would be appreciated;
  • How much are you applying for?;
  • What would the outcome be? (i.e., what would you spend the money on?);
  • Please describe to us how important this outcome would be to you or your users, and what probability of success you expect;

Any other information you feel is relevant to your application can also be included; but please don't send us large files without asking first!

Send your application either in an e-mail or as an attached document (we strongly prefer formats usable with Free Software; e.g., text,, etc.) to frontdesk.

Good luck!

Grants Awarded

Date Name Description Amount
April 2005 Bastien Nocera To support development of the GNOME Media player TOTEM, including hardware for development and travel to the GUADEC GNOME Conference. 250 pounds
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