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Q. Are there other similar organisations in the UK?

A. Not as far as we are aware. However, if you do know of such an organisation, or you are a member of such an organisation, please contact us!
There are a number of groups, though, which may be of interest. The Campaign for Digital Rights (CDR) are interested in raising awareness of the problems associated with laws that restrict the use of digital media. Also, there is a debian-uk mailing list for users of Debian GNU/Linux.

Q. What is the relationship between the AFFS and GNU/FSF?

A. There is no relation between the AFFS and the GNU Project, or the Free Software Foundation North America. We do share common interests however: the promotion and development of Free Software. The AFFS advocates the development of software licensed under such Free licences as the GNU General Public Licence, and is supportive of the work the FSF undertakes and the GNU Project.

Q. What is the relationship between the AFFS and the FSFE?

A. The AFFS is an Associate Organisation of the Free Software Foundation Europe. In practice, this means that we work closely with the FSFE to inform others about the situation in the UK, and lend support to the FSFE where necessary.