[affs-project] Mug/T money clarification

MJ Ray mjr at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Sep 28 13:39:05 BST 2004

Last week, I was asked on jabber to approve merchandise costs of the 
show. I replied "please get a receipt if you want the money back" 
among other things, off the top of my head. I was a little confused 
why approval was sought, as no money was wanted yet.
I was wrong. I just reread the treasurer's guide from 
http://www.communitydirectplus.co.uk/ which says: "Important: The 
club's money should never become mixed up with members' money. Even if 
subs have not all been duly collected, bills should only be paid from 
the club account and never from the treasurer's or any other committee 
member's personal account."
Can you send me all bills for payment, please? Please tell me if some 
have been paid, because I need to check how AFFS should buy goods from 
its members (advice welcome).
Apologies for any confusion. I will learn not to answer complicated 
finance-related enquiries when I am busy with other tasks.
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