[affs-project] Another idea (grant publicity) [was Re: Freedom, and Re: Mug and tee-shirt design]

Richard Smedley richard at sc.lug.org.uk
Sun Sep 19 17:59:43 BST 2004

> The logo also should feature, but I would prefer it not to be the main
> design.

That's fine - in the absence of the GNU we can
try various ideas at shows, and see which is
the most popular.
> I will try posting up a design tomorrow; it would be good if we can
> carry the same ideas across the range and the large 'born free' idea
> would be fairly easy to implement with little design work.

Another idea for posters, and possibly mugs...
It's far from original, but how about adapting the
classic ``Wild West'' wanted poster - wanted, missing
Free Software; reward, up to GBP1000, see www.affs.org.uk/grants,
that sort of thing.
As I say, /very/ unoriginal/cheesey, /but/ could be
eye-catching as poster/ hand bill spread around the
show, and as a press release cover.
Just a passing idea, feel free to shoot down in
flames, I won't be offended :^)
 - Richard

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