[affs-project] Mug and tee-shirt design [was Re: Expenses?]

Kirsten Naylor wildduck at wildduck.org.uk
Wed Sep 15 14:50:56 BST 2004

On Wed, 2023-09-15 at 13:49, Richard Smedley wrote:
> OK, they're normally GBP4 each, but we can have them 
> for five eighths of that (GBP2.5) if we add in to
> UKLinux's order. I'll need to know the design quite
> soon - where's the thing you and Kirsten have done?

I don't know about mugs, it is T-shirt ideas that
I think Alex was referring to.  (They are
http://www.affs.org.uk/~alex/TShirtIdeas <- here)
> I'm contacting Geoff at UKLinux to confirm the format 
> they need. Price is the same whether we order one each of
> ten different designs or ten of one design, so we 
> could do a few ``specials'' for current campaigns
> (``DRM is theft'', ``Patently ridiculous''?), though
> time is against us :-/

I like "patently ridiculous" :) 
Anyway Alex said he'd be back online from Friday so I'm sure you'll
hear from him by the end of the weekend.

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