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Kirsten Naylor wildduck at wildduck.org.uk
Thu Sep 9 01:58:08 BST 2004

On Thu, 2023-09-09 at 00:09, MJ Ray wrote:
> On 2023-09-08 09:15:38 +0100 Kirsten Naylor <wildduck at wildduck.org.uk> 
> wrote:
> > I thought it was self-evident that the job of the stand was to
> > distribute information and try to persuade people to join up.  Adam 
> > has
> > already said he would like to demo free software on the stand.  And
> > everybody agrees that selling stuff is a good idea, especially GNU
> > stuff.
> If you think it is self-evident, why is it so objectionable to 
> actually tell those of us it's not obvious to?

The reason I didn't tell anyone is that I didn't understand that I was
being asked to say anything about it! 
> As you know, I do not agree that selling stuff is a good idea. It is a 
> shame if I am excluded from "everybody" in your opinion.

Then why the f*cking hell did you put "selling merchandise" in your list
of aims in your post of Tuesday 8 September 1:09am!?  The GNU stuff at
the expo I helped out at in 2003 drew people over to the stand like bees
to nectar.  It was a brilliant idea.  You didn't object at the time.  I
had no idea that you didn't want to sell anything on the stand.
> While on the topic of needlessly limiting our support, I've just 
> noticed that this discussion has been trimmed away from fsfe-uk again. 
> There are only 8 members of affs-project. I suspect that's only ctte + 
> Kirsten, but I can't verify that. :-(

That was me.  Everyone else can feel quite free to spam two lists at
once but it rubs me the wrong way and I won't do that.  What on earth is
the point of a dedicated list if it all goes to the "parent" list
anyway? (Yes, I know fsfe-uk isn't the parent precisely but that's where
the birth notice was placed.)
It is nearly 2am and I am dead fed up at not being able to sleep, so
perhaps this will come across more abrasively than intended.  Although I
feel fairly abrasive atm.
Kirsten Naylor
"May owls nest in the cracks of your walls"
 - Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet VII

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