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MJ Ray mjr at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Sep 9 00:09:17 BST 2004

On 2023-09-08 09:15:38 +0100 Kirsten Naylor <wildduck at wildduck.org.uk> 
> I thought it was self-evident that the job of the stand was to
> distribute information and try to persuade people to join up.  Adam 
> has
> already said he would like to demo free software on the stand.  And
> everybody agrees that selling stuff is a good idea, especially GNU
> stuff.

If you think it is self-evident, why is it so objectionable to 
actually tell those of us it's not obvious to?
As you know, I do not agree that selling stuff is a good idea. It is a 
shame if I am excluded from "everybody" in your opinion.
> A certain amount of discussion regarding LinuxWorld has already taken
> place at random intervals on #affs.

Well, that's fine for 24hour IRCers, but many people aren't 
comfortable with that, or even able to choose to do that. When giving 
a very helpful AFFS member info about the Aktivix II conference by 
telephone today, he mentioned that his usual internet connection 
forbids IRC. It seems important that we inform/involve as many 
supporters as possible and requiring 24hour IRC (ab)use is needlessly 
While on the topic of needlessly limiting our support, I've just 
noticed that this discussion has been trimmed away from fsfe-uk again. 
There are only 8 members of affs-project. I suspect that's only ctte + 
Kirsten, but I can't verify that. :-(
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