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Kirsten Naylor wildduck at wildduck.org.uk
Tue Sep 7 17:04:01 BST 2004

On Tue, 2023-09-07 at 16:42, Alex Hudson wrote:
> Yeah. The difficulty is knowing how many to do, and on what subjects.
> Swpat is an obvious one - it's quite volatile, so people are usually not
> up-to-date, and it's also complicated. I guess it also depends on how
> many motormouths we have on the stand - I'm usually willing to gob to
> people at length, which maybe lessens the need?

Yes, swpat is what I had in mind principally.  It might be a good thing
to hand out with leaflets just to expand on them with a concrete
example.  They should be written in language even I could understand,
though.  No good getting all pedantic and technical.
I would imagine giving out one sheet every five or ten minutes on
average, that's about 8 an hour, or 50 a day (6-hour day?)... double
that, say 100 a day, that's 200 copies?   Not sure how much a ream of
paper and some toner is.  
If we did more than one issue we could just print fewer of each and
maybe fold one at random into each leaflet.  The truly interested could
take more from the stand.  
Talking works if you're talking to really interested people, but if
you're just pressing information into peoples' hands to make them aware
there are any issues at all, leaflets are cool.
> > * also a4 sheets with practical details about what it means to belong to
> > affs - what you get out of your £10 iow
> We did do this with posters last time - bright yellow and orange
> fluorescent posters with the various benefits on it. I think it did cut
> out most of the questions about what membership got you; although, I'm
> not sure we saw any rise in membership due to it. I think membership
> probably needs to be made more attractive somehow, but that's really a
> separate discussion. 

Fluorescent is good :)  it can make people feel happy about stuff. 
Doesn't matter if there wasn't a membership rise per se, as long as it
didn't cause a drop ;)  besides, it is likely that people will be there
and remember them from last time, and they might be more likely to join
because of that.
> :) I had a set of fluorescent posters [only A4-sized, though :( ] which
> were printed onto. You could see the headlines and some text from a fair
> distance from the stand, though, so I think they were useful, and they
> definitely caught the eye.

That's sorted, then :)
Kirsten Naylor
"May owls nest in the cracks of your walls"
 - Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet VII

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