[affs-project] Nochex and konqueror problems

Alex Hudson home at alexhudson.com
Fri Nov 19 12:25:06 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2023-11-19 at 10:53 +0000, MJ Ray wrote:
> > Well, indeed. I don't know what the problem with Konqueror is, but I 
> > did try it (as far as I could) last night with 3.2 [...]
> The problem seems to occur on some final screen that says it should 
> vanish within a minute. 

A-ha! Enough information :)
Sadly, this seems to be a Konqueror bug which seems to be endemic (e.g,
#38114). At least, I'm fairly convinced it's a Konqi bug (see the test
case). Maybe if we can find an easy work-around that's an *obvious* fix
(i.e., no DOM event handlers, etc. - that's not obvious ;) we can ask
NoChex to update their system...
Unless anyone suggests that this isn't a bug, I will file it with KDE (I
did look quickly, and they don't seem to have one open, but then - I'm
using 3.2, and would need to check back)
I think for now our best course of action is to recommend to Konqueror
users that they may have a problem checking out if they hava Javascript
enabled; I have patched the joinup system to add this function. 
> > I would be surprised if NoChex didn't want to support Konqueror. KHTML
> > is part of Safari [...]
> I did mention that this might affect Safari too in the original report.

I am trying to find out from a Safari user right now if it is the case;
and if so, we probably need to extend the warning (at least for now).
Test case to show bug.
Expected results: hit the join AFFS button, and you get back to the same page again.
Results in Konq: stall on the 'processing' screen.
Seems to work in Mozilla. onClick() documentation suggests that the form
submission should fail if the handler returns boolean false; otherwise
it should succeed.
	<script language="Javascript">
	function dothis() {
		show2.style.display = "";
		show1.style.display = "NONE";
		return true;
	<div id="show1">
		<form method="get">
		<input type="submit" onclick="dothis()" value="Join AFFS now!">
	<div id="show2" style="DISPLAY: none">
		<h1>Processing your order...</h1>

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