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= New UK Free Software News Feed

Norfolk, 11 March 2024 -- Today, a new UK software news feed is launched to the public by the AFFS. It is available in the standard RSS format popular with web news sites and AFFS invites all sites to carry it. The URL is

This is the first feed to be published by AFFS, covering news and activities undertaken by the association in its work to promote free software in the UK. If it proves popular, other UK-specific free software news feeds are likely to follow, both from AFFS and other providers.

=== The Association For Free Software

The Association for Free Software is a non-profit association with the primary goal of promoting the adoption of Free Software in the UK, formed in 2002. It is the UK associate body of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

=== The RSS Format

Rich Site Summary is an XML-based file format for headline distribution popular with many web news sites, such as the UK-based debianplanet, and some private company web sites. It originally grew out of the "My Netscape Channels" service provided on the Netscape browser portal, but has since been revised and developed by an independent group.

Software to use RSS headlines is available for many desktop operating systems and web servers, including Gnome's multiticker, KDE's krss and add-on libraries for many programming languages.


=== Notes

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