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Plannin' page for LinuxWorld Expo 2004 in Olympia.

We did think of doing InfoSheets for the last Expo, but didn't (we had info posters instead, which I will post up).

The Stand

Ok, we now have a stand layout:

Bird's eye view (layout.jpg)

3D cad view (2.jpg)

News: stand design has changed slightly, there is no back wall. We're also not downstairs - we're upstairs on the main show floor. This is probably better for us - flow of people will be improved

We are the sole campaign in the village, and we have the biggest stand that we have ever had because of that. The scale in layout.jpg is each square is 0.5m, each panel in 2.jpg is 1m. So, our frontage is 2m. We won't know the corridor width until it's built.

  • do we need FFII stuff on show - patents is always popular..
  • how do we maximise the "sole campaign" status?
  • what lighting is there?

Dates etc

October 6th and 7th

London Olympia



Other Stuff

  • fourgang p/w supply; RCD or RFI too
  • tape/tack - still have some semi-transparent elephant gaffa somewhere, useful stuff
  • waiter's mate
  • scissors
  • permanent markers and spare pens
  • card, stars, other things to write things on

Things we want to advertise?

E.g., things which may cost money, which we will attempt to extract from Expo visitors. (in rough order of priority IMO - Alex)

  • AFFS membership and merchandise
  • AFFS free software project funding
  • FSFE donations & fellowship


  • should submit press releases to usual outlets - main story, AFFS Grants?
  • have submitted text for the exhibitor's brochure


  • AdamBower to investigate printing on sticker paper, plus printshop costs for A2/3/4/5/6 and report back :)
  • AdamBower to talk to Nick Hill about merching; need to co-ord with Network Theory catalogue though
  • AlexHudson investigating t-shirt printing and other merching
  • AlexHudson to talk to Richard Smedley about his mug idea



Currently talking with BrianG about what we can do with Network Theory; some very interesting suggestions that would be totally cool to take up. Not sure what Nick Hill is up to this year. Plus, other FSF stuff would be nice.


We have two suppliers, and have tentatively agreed the preferred supplier. Waiting on answers to some questions on sizes, etc.

We need designs for the shirts. Each design incurs a setup cost, though, to produce a screen. So, we should limit ourselves to between one and three designs. Of course, we need the designs in the first place.



Random stuff

Maybe baseball caps? Not sure how expensive they are - probably cheaper than shirts - harder to design for too.

People Coming

Feel free to put yourself down if you can attend and help out on the stand.


Brian of UKLinux will be putting on another meal at Pizza Express, £15 a head. This will be a three-course meal and includes a drink. This will take place on the Wednesday evening, see this post to AFFS-Project.

Lonix meeting will be on the Thursday, see this post to GLLUG.

Scheme-UK has a fun talk about Emacs Lisp in Hoxton at 7pm, food orderable in advance.

Other planners

So we can steal their ideas while they sleep



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