[affs-project] Gentoo UK 2006 Conference, July 8th, London

Daniel Drake dsd at gentoo.org
Sun Jun 11 14:09:19 BST 2006

Apologies for the short notice. Gentoo are organising a UK meetup for 
July 8th, and would like to invite an AFFS UK representative to give a 
talk on AFFS and its activities.
The event will be hosted at The Resource Centre in London on July 8th (I 
wonder who we stole the venue idea from!). Anyone interested is welcome 
to attend.
(more information will be added later, as and when we confirm attendance)
Additionally, we have a £270.25 (inclusive of VAT) bill to cover for the 
venue hire. We anticipate that some but not all of this will be covered 
by the Gentoo Foundation. Is there a possibility that an AFFS grant 
could be used to help cover part of the expenses, say £100? (would be 
grateful for any contribution at all, if that is too high)
I recall reading that there is a longer decision making process involved 
in grants (3 months?) but I can't find the page where I read that. This 
may be a small complication, since the event occurs in just under 1 
month's time.

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