[affs-project] Gowers breaks cover

Alex Hudson home at alexhudson.com
Thu Feb 23 21:50:14 GMT 2006

Call for evidence:
Really, we need businesses to reply to this where it affects them - I
think responses from individuals will be mostly filed in the round tray.
AFFS will need to respond - if you're interested in helping out with the
response, an initial step would be for people to read through the call
and send their notes to affs-project, please.
Other orgs. like FFII-UK have seen these as well, but if you're sending
along notes feel free to include points you think might be relevant to
other people - we can always pass them along.
I think phase two of our (AFFS') response will need to be an evidence
gathering phase, which will need people to help research - they're
specifically on the look out for this kind of information. Trawling
through economic papers (e.g., the report on EU database rights) would
help here.
Also, of interest was the notes about the scope of the enquiry - Crown
copyright etc. is _not_ part of the enquiry, but everything else is fair
game. They're also taking note of the APIG stuff (which we've done) and
the Patent Office consultation on inventive step (which we need to do).

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