[affs-project] Update: wiki?

Alex Hudson home at alexhudson.com
Sun Aug 28 11:07:29 BST 2005

Just a quick update - I know I said I'd get time to look at this a
little while ago, but not enough time yet :o)
My preferred option is going to be DokuWiki. 
Initially, I'm not going to go with a login system - at least, one will
probably be available, but not required. The anti-spam measures should
be sufficiently clever that it will make attacking our wiki more effort
than it is worth; but I guess only time will tell about this. We're
coding a few counter-measures in, at least three of which I don't think
have been done before. 
Hopefully I can get this in - at least for people to have a play with -
sometime this week. 

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