[affs-project] wiki?

Graham Seaman graham at theseamans.net
Wed Aug 17 23:50:55 BST 2005

Alex Hudson wrote:
>On Wed, 2023-08-17 at 22:21 +0100, Graham Seaman wrote:
>>>Pretty much trivial to add a wiki to the site. 
>>So who is acting sys-admin for us to put in a request for this to?
>Me or Adam, though you'll have to give us a day or two for us to get
>ourselves together before you see any action (I don't have any AFFS time
>until this weekend..). I don't think there's anything preventing us
>doing it wrt. integrating with our current site, although I will want to
>ensure that it's pretty spam-proof before putting it up, because it's
>probably not going to get a lot of maintenance.
What did you think of the idea of limiting it to members? That
involves some extra initial admin work, but should avoid the
spam problem permanently.
>Did we have any preferences? I'm assuming one of these lot:
>	http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_wiki_software
>Previously, we've had Kwiki on the AFFS site; I've experience with TWiki
>but no desire to get back with it. I would also venture no Java or Ruby,
>though PHP/Python/Perl would probably be ok. Even more bizarre languages
>would be right out ;o)
>Zwiki looks a potential, since we already run Zope, and Doku looks nice
>and simple (I especially like the idea of not have a database behind the
>wiki). So, it looks like DokuWiki to me unless people have feelings
I haven't used doku, but according to it's own  comparison chart
it has no access control. That might be a showstopper. I believe
zwiki's access control is also limited?
 I'd be inclined to go for one with a reasonable userbase and so regular
security updates from debian or whatever is on the affs system. I don't
imagine any of us is actually going to want to rewrite the code, so even
a large and messy mass of code (mediawiki) could be ok. moinmoin I haven't
used but sounds good and flexible and has lots of evangelists.  The only
non-db based wiki I've used was kwiki, and I  gave up on that  as 
needing too
much code writing to get to behave usefully.
But in the end if you and Adam are lumbered with installing it, it's 
going to
be whatever you're happy with having on the system. Which is fine by me :-)
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