[affs-project] What a set of mugs

Alex Hudson home at alexhudson.com
Tue Sep 21 14:03:07 BST 2004

(the discussion is AFFS merchandise; in particular, mugs ;)
> > http://www.affs.org.uk/~alex/MugIdeas
> Can I leave it to you and this list to sort
> out numbers?
> If we were to order between 20 and 40 (of this
> design, or in total if we have any others in
> the pipeline), that's between GBP50 and 100
> - is that OK with the treasury?

I'm thinking shooting low for now - and just go for 20. It makes
logistics easier for us at the very least.
If they're £2.50 each as you said, 20*2.5 does indeed make £50. Other
expenses we're looking at: strict expo stand staff expenses only really
extend to Kirsty so far, which I think it likely to only be travel.
Thinking about printing and stuff, a budget of £150 seems conservative
(which shouldn't come too close to that figure really...). 
As for how many we'd sell - we have no idea at this stage. I would hope
that we could offload a few, thinking £4 members/£6 nonmembers or
something, so break-even would be 13 mugs worst case. That's 7 mugs a
day - given that I'm going to buy one, and maybe some of the other ctte
would too, we're probably talking 5 a day, which should be achievable.
So, in terms of financial risk, it's probably not too bad.
Anyone have any objections to this?

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