Membership Organisation Free Software (MOFS)

This page is for information about the development of our new self-service membership system.

We aim to offer a membership system for non-profit clubs and associations which requires only free software, supports all common tasks, has open extension interfaces and can comply with any relevant regulations and standards.


Currently, the AFFS membership process should work as follows:

  1. A person applies to join, usually online or by post;
  2. This application is confirmed by the committee;
  3. The subscription fee is paid, in person, by post or by bank transfer;
  4. The member is given a number and marked as paid for a year;
  5. During the membership, the member is sent information about AFFS activities and notice of general meetings;
  6. Unless the member indicated that they had set up a standing order, a reminder is sent two weeks before the end of their membership;
  7. Hopefully the renewal subscription fee is received on or before the expiry;
  8. Two weeks after, the member is sent a reminder that their membership has ended;
  9. Four to six weeks after, the member's details are removed from the current membership list.


  1. Other member and non-member categories, like "friends" which are absent certain requirements or abilities. Some way to progress between the different states. (fairly common)
  2. Hook into a mailing list engine for email newsletters. (rare)
  3. Members allowed to update own details (fairly common).
  4. Remote authentication services. (rare)





No released versions yet. Please use an Arch tool to download a development tree.

Development trees