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We have a new newsletter procedure; this page will outline how to submit news, etc. etc.


  1. Gather the information about your story: you may just want to send a URL or something with a short note; maybe you want to submit a complete report. Whatever it is, and however long, please submit your text as ASCII (or, if needs be, UTF-8).
  2. E-mail your story to newsdesk at (if you want to send by e-mail) following the guidance at NewsLetterSubmissionQueue. E-mails do end up on the website, your personal e-mail address (etc.) does not.
  3. Please leave your name and the date of the submission (this will be propogated if you send me an e-mail)

Editing Process

  • Articles are submitted to the NewsLetterSubmissionQueue
  • Newsletters are created from pending articles on the NewsLetterEditing page (please do not modify this without my permission)
  • Newsletters are drafted and reviewed by the AFFS committee on the first of every month
  • Newsletters are sent to members within three working days of the first draft
  • Newsletters are then archived on my NewsLetterArchive page.

I will update this page as things change.

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