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AFFS Grants
AFFS had a programme of grants to authors of Free Software and those taking part in related projects.




These grants could be for varied amounts, in the region of a few £100s, and were mainly available for projects with a UK focus.


Application was simple; just the requirement of writing a short overview of whom you are/who your group is, what the project is, and why you need funding.

Funding can be made available for a range of different purposes: perhaps you need to buy a technical specification, or a piece of hardware. Whatever it is, we will consider it - you just need to show us how funding your project will improve the Free Software world.


Granting for conferences was one of the parts available. When taking out a conference grant a number of items that are required for making a conference are the location, equipment and the promotion of your conference. While the equipment was easy to sort out using a conference supplier, the rest were far more tricky.


Grants Awarded in 2015
Date Name Description Amount
April 2015 Bastien Nocera To support development of the GNOME Media player TOTEM, including hardware for development and travel to all UK marketing conferences for open sourced software. Conference. £2500.00 (inc)

Benedict Ltd



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